November 23, 2014

Oracle (Undoc'd) Parameters - Through Bash?

Short answer: "Yash!"

.. which you could already have interpreted as "Yuck! Why Bash?"
.. Shean Connery aka 007 shaying "Yesh" to lovely Missh Moneypenny
.. or perhaps even as "Bafh!", pronounfed with a mouffful

Anyway, none of the aforementioned interpretations do apply.

I simply felt like wrapping SQL*Plus in a flexible bash script.

Play with it or learn from code, which can obviously be improved.

Curious to see if this thingy finds its way to your toolbox.

PS: remarks & suggestions are most welcome

November 21, 2014

Topics I Expect 2 Publish

Lectori Salutem,

1. Welcome to my first blog.
2. Thanks for visiting it.

Enjoying an early afternoon in NL now, I want to List some topics I have had on my mind, lately. For starters, I will publish an article every 2 weeks for a few months to come.

Please, bear with me if I can not.. I'll at least try to do "the full monty".


  • Solr/Lucene, an open source enterprise search platform
  • ...

Well, That's All Folks! Happy reading, blogging or whatever U feel comfortable with.

Have a nice weekend.

November 18, 2014