February 13, 2015

A Happy Bloggy 2015 - Late? Nah! ;=O)

Hi 2Uall2 again,

Been away not posting for two months. Primarily caused by a happy private life, great peer networking and fine business while least expecting Murphy's Law & the whole enchilada.

Won't bother you with all that 4 2 long as 1ce in a while we all do receive our fair share of the famous pie..

1st, referring to this post's title, check out this tweet as a quickie.

2nd, I want to point you to 3 fine Oracle bloggers whom I've added to my blog list in the right margin:

  1. Ann Sjökvist on Oracle DB Standard Edition. She's doing a fabulous DBA job from Turku, Finland promoting this often overlooked edition. See you next month at #OUGN15 in Oslo, Ann!
  2. Matthijs Bruggink, a solid Dutch DBA posting on High Availability, migration strategies, (Logical) Data Guard, RAC and RMAN.
  3. Ronald Vargas, a fine blog, as in: "Blog Hispano Americano de Tecnologías Oracle, San José, Costa Rica, La adquisición de cualquier conocimiento es siempre útil al intelecto, que sabrá descartar lo malo y conservar lo bueno."
Follow these inspiring bloggers.

You won't be disappointed.

This post is short as the next is w8ing 2 B published...

Yep, SchemaCrawler, part 2..

By Sualeh Fatehi himself.

Bye 4 now


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